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Krezip videos Krezip is a Dutch pop, rock, and alternative music band from Tilburg, North Brabant, Netherlands, formed in 1997. Krezip's members formed a cover band while in high school, and were still remarkably young when they broke through, playing all original songs, at the nationally televised Pinkpop festival in 2000.

The band has since had several successful albums and numerous hit singles in the Netherlands, as well as live success, playing at festivals in Belgium and Germany. The band has four consistent core members, centered around lead singer and songwriter Jacqueline Govaert.

In 2008, Krezip's breakthrough single "I Would Stay" received a once-only, people's choice award for "All-time best Dutch single" from the Dutch national radio station 3FM.

In 2008, Krezip again made headlines in the Netherlands, announcing they would break up in 2009, at an average age of just 27, after being active for twelve years. In 2009, they played at the prominent Pinkpop festival again before their official farewell concerts.

In 2019, the band reunited and performed at Pinkpop again. In total, Krezip played at Pinkpop a record six times, a record shared with Dutch rock and pop star Anouk.

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