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Well I have known you
A long long time you
You have been driving me
Out of my mind cause I
I look in your eyes
And I know what I see
I know that you feel
Just like me

But you will not let
Yourself go because
You are confused you just
You just do not know you say
To yourself this just
Could not be real
Believe me girl I know
Just how you feel

We can make it
Some kinda love
The world can't fake it
Our kind of love
If you let yourself do
What your heart keeps telling you
Oh we can make it
Some kind of love
We can make it

A year from now you will
Laugh at yourself just for
Fighting off what you
Just could not help
You will look back
And you'll love what you see
you say that our love
It just just had to be

Oh girl we can make it
Some kind of love
Yes girl we can make it
Some kind of love
You and me we can make it
Some kind of love

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