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(dwight yoakam)

Two doors down there's a jukebox
That plays all night long
Real sad songs
All about me and you
Two doors down thee's a barmaid
That serves 'em real strong
Here lately
That's how i make it through
Two doors down there's a heartache
That once was my friend
Two doors down there's a memory
That won't ever end

Two doors down there's a barstool
That knows me by name
And we sit there together
And wait for you
Two doors down there's a bottle
Where i take out my shame
And hold it up
For the whole world to view
Two doors down there's a pay phone
But no calls come in

Two doors down there's a memory
That won't ever end

From the hotel to the barroom
Is just a stumble and a fall
And sometimes when it gets bad
I've been known to crawl
Freedom from sorrow
Is just two doors away
I'll escape for a short time
But i know i can't stay

Two doors down is where they'll find me
When you're finally through
Taking what's left of my life
Two doors down is where they'll leave me
When payment comes due
For the hours i've spent there each night
Two doors down i'll be forgotten
But until then
Two doors down there's a memory
That won't ever end.

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