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I was hiding from the sun once again
I was running from the time my friend
I've lost another war
So, i poured one more and went home drunk again
She was up when the key hit the lock
And the clock looked at me just like the devil in disguise
I saw it in her eyes - she'd be gone before the evenin'

So, i poured another strong one and chopped a line from here to texas
Cause i've lost another good one - she's on the midnight train to memphis
With a brand new start, i swore i'd love from the heart
I meant to change my ways
But i've seen better days than the one's that's here this mornin'
With a wife and kids at home with a job some where on some assembly line
I wish i had that life - i bet you wish you had mine
So, let's pour another tall one and chop a line from here to texas
Cause i've lost another good one - she's on the midnight train to memphis

(david spade)
Dude, what station is this? k snooze? kid rock i thought he was the american bad ass

He's putting me to sleep. nudge me if he gets over five decibals.
I knew his first album was a good one

But that's the way i am
And this is how i jam
All across the land from alabam to bandstand
Doped up rebel with an attitude
So fuck a bitch
So fuck a bitch
So fuck a bitch
I won't switch won't quit my vices
Flip the script cause i'm gonna slice the righteous
Haven't you heard i don't refrain
Free as a bird and so i won't change
Livin it up givin it up fuckin shit up
I'm gonna run my track from the d to nantucket
So fuck it - if you don't dig that, you can suck it.

And it don't
And it don't

With an old suitcase, i swear i'll leave this place
I'll get you back in time
Can't drink you off my mind. so, i'll see you when i'm sober.
I been looking for some reasons, but i ain't found one down in texas
I been changing with the seasons
Walked in a new line back to memphis.

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