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Artist Lyrics: Hank Snow
Lyrics for Song: Mother I Thank You For The Bible You Gave Me
Lyrics for Album:
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Written by Clarke VanNess
Recorded by Hank Snow

Mother I'm leaving and I'm proud to go please don't be grieving I love you so
Here in this pocket over my heart is the Bible you gave me your gift as we part
My country needs me you know that's true pray for me mother till this war is through
God will protect me you must be brave mother I thank you for the Bible you gave
Mother I'm writing this letter to say I love my Bible I read it each day
And when I read it my body's drawn near the blessed scripture they love to hear
Mids all this turmoil of earthly things what peace and comfort the Holy word brings
Mother don't worry I will be saved mother I thank you for the Bible you gave
Mother when battle just has been won you'll have a hero now for a son
I have been wounded left there for that God in his mercy spared me instead
My Bible saved me it played its part it's stopped the bullet aimed at my heart
Your blessed present my life has saved mother I thank you for the Bible you gave

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