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Coming down the highway, running like a wind
Gonna beat the sunset to the coast and back again
Moving thru the shadows, almost going blind
Living like a Iegend before my time

If the road don't kill me, baby, I'll see you in the spring
Making up for lost time between us seems like everything
If I can make it home aIright, you know l'll treat you fine
Living like a Iegend before my time

I know it wasn't easy for you, baby
With your man out on the road
So I'll be coming home tomorrow
To try to help you carry the load

I'm running out of highways and bridges to burn
This kind of living is taking its toll on what I've learned
You know it ain't easy leaving you behind
Living like a Iegend before my time

But someday, baby, I'll be coming home to stay
Wrapped up in your warm love every night and every day
Oooh, I'm going out of my mind
Living like a Iegend before my time


l'll be getthg up early 'cause I know I'm coming home
I'm so tired of living this legend Iife alone
Kick off your shoes, babe, we'll drink a little wine
Forget about living like a legend before my time

Forget about living like a legend
Just forget about the road
So, look out for me, darling
On account of your man is coming home

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