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Youtube video and lyrics of ' ', a  song Seals & Crofts - High On A Mountain

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(Lyrics and music by Bobby Lightig & James Seals, 1972)

High on a mountain, high on a hill. High on a mountain, way up on a hill.
Well I want to walk, out in the sunshine. And watch it play, through the trees.
And I'll look back on all the good times, that we once shared together.
Remember me, I remember you. I'm really so blue, baby.
High above the avenue, missin' you.

I don't understand it. Why you be that way? I don't understand. Why you be that way?
We had everything we ever wanted. I can't stand to see it slip away.
And so I'm here, I guess I'm really waitin' for the wind to bring you back to me.
Back to me, back to me. I'm really so blue, baby,
High above the avenue, missin' you.

Deep in the evenin', late in the night. Deep in the evenin', late in the night.
We used to stand out in the South porch, and watch the flickering of the city lights.
Now way out there, somewhere in the darkness, I keep expecting to hear your voice.
Calling me, I'm calling you. I'm really so blue, baby.
High above the avenue, missin' you.

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