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Mansion in Sorrow, mansion in the dark
Maybe tomorrow the Devil's mark

The gates were locked from the inside
And Abigail was sure to die
Then Little One went straight through her body
And the gates, they opened wide
And Little One went up the stairs to the old oak door

Mansion in sorrow, mansion in the dark
Maybe tomorrow the Devil's mark

[Solo: Mike]

Mansion in sorrow, mansion in the dark
Maybe tomorrow the Devil's mark

Lightning was striking the trees all around
Abigail still in shock, awoken by the sound

Run better run, run better run after Little One
Run better run, run after Little One
But Little One had gone, gone to the beyond
Mansion in sorrow, mansion in the dark

[Solo: Andy]

Suddenly the door was open, "Where have you been my dear?
I'm Brandon Henry and I serve the master here"

Through a maze of gloomy hallways and candles black
Safe from the storm she followed the man with the shaved head
They went in... in to a room... that was like a shrine
Jewelry and dresses too... in cabinets made of glass
Portraits on the walls, 18 in all
A strong scent of old perfume, and then there was THE HAIR

Long... black... lifeless hair

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