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Say farewell
G’night, Sonny-Jim
In your defenseless
Winning smile
What do you hope to win?
And bliss face down, defended

Well, now stoned Demon John
There’s no town the boy cannot belong
Why did you come here?
Is it to excavate all your sins?
Boil within?
Slaughter like the daughter of the devil you send me
I have to deal, you called me here

You couldn’t say that you were juiced
The night that you were introduced
To Demon John
Gonna take him with you when you go?
Dance down slow
Oh, way down

You cannot escape the bar-side angel dissector
You undo your life with too much cocoon
Who’s your protector?
Dark is the city where the white girls walk by
Down below your eyes, just like fireflies
You call me here, come on here, follow me dear
Past cascades of rage and fear
You called me here

You couldn’t say that you had been juiced
The time that you were introduced
To Demon John
Well, you knew you had to want to go
Dance down slow
By the light of the sun
Murder comes
Today or tonight
Better get yourself together
And transcend it, a burst of light
Blaze stars into me
While the love breaks through here and now
So, murder by the light of the sun

Please, don’t get too close to me
You said you are for real, it’s not pretend
All memories stolen, know this for yourself
How would you like to be the happiest man in the world?
Behind the weathered field hands
Whose blistered paws Harvest cut
For wedding clothes they’ll never wear
Marching down a road that was never there
It takes place on a sunlit lace and the backbone broken
Please bring us light
Demon John
You Demon John
Take him with you
When you go.

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