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carly simon - Rolling Down The Hills


(Carly Simon)

People who have bad times
Write hard luck songs
But when their days are green
They think about love
Sunshine, flowers in a garden
Did I bump you sir?
I'm beggin' your pardon
have you seen such a day?
Let's begin it by startin' -
And rollin' down the hills with me.

People who have short hair
Write short hair songs
But when their hair gets long
They think about winding it around in daisy chains
Waitin' for the showers
Just to wash it in the rain
Have you seen such hair?
Well let the wind play -
As you're rollin' down the hills with me

People who have no hills
Write songs about plains
But if that's not what you want to do
Well you can jump aboard a bus
Or boat or wooden canoe
I know just the mountain
That's been waitin' for you
Too write songs about the peaks
And the beautiful views -
As you're rollin' down the hills with me.

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