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don henley - Annabel

I watch you sleeping
My weary heart rises up on wings
I hear your laughter
Something deep down inside me sings

Way down here in the land of cotton
You were born on a rainy day
Since then, sweet things long forgotten
They just keep flooding back my way

Oh child, I cannot tell you how the time just flies
But I have had my days of glory under sunny skies
These days, your bright dreams are all I want to see
Sleep tight, Annabel
You can always count on me

In this cold world, folks will judge you
Though they don't know you at all
And I may not be there to catch you
Anytime that you might fall

But, you got my hard head
And your mother's grace
All the likeness of the loved ones right there in your face
And I know in the end you'll be who you will be

So sleep tight, Annabel
You can always count on me

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