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sam cooke - Ain’t nobody’s bizness if I do


There ain't nothing I can do
or nothing I can say
Just what I want to anyway
And I don't care just what people may say
And if I, if I take a notion
the jump-off into the ocean
Ain't nobody's bizness if I do
And if I go to church on sunday
then cabaret all day monday
It ain't nobody's bizness if I do

if my baby ain't got no money
and I say take all of mine honey
Ain't nobody's bizness if I do
If I give my baby my last nickle, O
and it leaves me, leaves me in a pickle
it ain't nobody's bizness if I do
I'd rather from my baby to hit me
then to jump off and quit me
Ain't nobody's bizness if I do
Nobody's bizness if I do

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